About Texas Rope Rescue

Amidst this evolution in new technology, new equipment and new techniques in search and rescue training, our job remains to get the rescuer to the patient and the patient to the back of the ambulance by balancing efficiency with speed. Through all the advances made in today's high-tech world, safety must always be paramount!

Since 2000, Texas Rope Rescue has been providing on-site rescue classes - our belief in "Mastering the Basics" is met by the "keeping it simple" approach.

Many of our clients are tired of the "canned classes" available that were not appropriate for the types of rescue they were responsible for and were ready for change.

Learn more about the staff involved in industrial rescue training from Texas Rope Rescue. Our company provides custom designed, on-site rescue and safety training, including confined space rescue training, rope rescue classes and OSHA compliance.

Scenario-based Training

Our team prides itself on scenario-based training designed to meet your specific needs. Often, a company has their Emergency Response Team concentrate on training aimed at the "worst-case" scenario. Then, they completely flop on a "no-brainer" rescue scenario. Why is this?

In most cases, search and rescue training is so specialized and unique that you must keep the instructor around to refresh the training. That is not how we work. Many of our clients contacted us when they were ready for a change and were tired of canned classes that were not appropriate for the types of rescues they were responsible for responding to. If you need rope rescue classes, confined space rescue training, as well as other rescue and safety training classes for your company, Texas Rope Rescue is here to make sure your team is well-prepared.


  • 3M®
  • Texas Department of Health
  • Keppel AMFels
  • ConocoPhillips Refinery®
  • Valero®
  • Montana Refining Company
  • Brazos Electric Power Coop
  • Young Electric Sign Company
  • International Paper
  • ExxonMobil (BOP)®
  • Pflugerville Fire Department
  • Kiewit
  • ChevronPhillips Chemical®
  • Sierra Club
  • Omaha Fire Department
  • Pratt Whitney
  • Lower Colorado River Authority
  • Agri-Empresa
  • Dow Chemical
  • Fluor
  • UGDC - Egypt
  • Abengoa Ethanol
  • Coca-Cola®â€”North America
  • Albemarle
  • Contractor's Access
  • George D Alan
  • Holcim
  • WilsonArt

Our Instructors

As a member of PMI's Professional Trainer Program, all of our instructors are responsible for coordinating and operating confined space, technical, wilderness, and industrial rescues in their daily routine.


  • John Green
  • Tommy Gillis
  • Monty Strange
  • Trevor Stokes
  • Rene Rios
  • Andy Reardon
  • Nick Perkins

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