Tower Rescue Training

Tower RescueTower Rescue

Tower Rescue Training is just one high angle rescue training class that Texas Rope Rescue has to offer. We have several classes designed specifically for high angle rescue training and rope rescue in industrial settings. Our tower rescue classes address tower safety and the unique rope rescue needs required for tower rescue (from self-rescue to response-team response).

Our tower rescue class covers communication towers (e.g. cell, data, WiFi, radio, television), tower construction (e.g. guy-wired, free-standing), transmission (e.g. open-web, wooden pole), derricks and windmills. Our tower rescue class topics include safety, grounding, EMF, conductors, insulators, tower access, patient access, rope rescue rigging, and industrial first aid.

Texas Rope Rescue has several solutions for tower rescue. We provide you with everything your company needs for onsite tower rescue training, so your team is ready for emergencies. Make sure your team is well-prepared, and contact us today about coming to your company to learn the best safety and rescue techniques.