wilderness first aid training

Why Wilderness First Aid Classes Are Important

Are you the adventurous type who likes to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and escape to the wilderness from time to time? It can be very therapeutic to go on hikes and breathe in the fresh air of nature while leaving all the stressors of modern life far behind. As pleasant as these escapes are, they do come with a bit of risk. For instance, what if you or your hiking partner gets injured out on the trail and you don’t have access to timely medical assistance? By participating in wilderness first aid classes, you can be prepared for this type of scenario.

Wilderness first aid classes focus on prevention, assessment, and treatment for a person in a remote environment who is in need of advanced care. If you’re far out in the wilderness, it could take an hour or longer for emergency care to get to your location. However, if you are trained in wilderness first aid, you’ll be able to buy time until more advanced medical care arrives. Wilderness first aid classes at Texas Rope Rescue cover the following:

  • Scene Safety
  • Patient Assessments
  • Head, Spine, Thorax, Abdominal & Extremity Injuries
  • Bone & Joint Injuries
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Allergies
  • Environmental Aspects
  • Wilderness First Aid Kits