fall protection harness

What You Should Know about Fall Protection Harnesses

Since a fall protection harness is what protects you during a rescue, you can never be too careful with this piece of gear. It’s always a smart idea for those involved in such rescue operations to spend time in rope rescue classes. This way, they’re ready for the next emergency.

  • Of course, there are basic steps to getting into your harness:
  • Always, pick it up by using the D-ring on the center back.
  • Straighten out any twists.
  • Give the harness an inspection to make sure it looks sturdy and safe.
  • Put on the harness.
  • Tighten all of the straps.

We would like you to add two other steps to the basics:
One is to make sure your pockets are empty. No cell phones, loose change, or car keys. When you’re strapped in, these items can press against you and make you quite uncomfortable.

The other is to have someone else look you over after you’re all harnessed up. They should look for loose ends or twisted straps, as well as check the snap hooks that connect to the D-ring. They need to make sure it’s securely fastened to the D-ring, so there’s no sudden slipping. Rope rescue classes teach rescue personnel these and other tips to stay safe.