bosun’s chair

What is Bosun’s Chair Rescue Training?

Making sure that everyone is safe at all times is vital when a Bosun’s chair is being used. These chairs are typically used to suspend a person from a rope so they can work aloft. If your crew is using a Bosun’s chair as part of their process, it is vital that they receive technical rescue training.

When they arrive for this training session, they will learn about this process following a curriculum based on NFPA 1670. These sessions include confined space rescue training and rope rescue training. Your team will learn all about awareness and operations, as well as what it takes to become a full technician who can adequately assist individuals who need help. If there are any specific issues that they need to cover that are not included in the curriculum, custom classes are available.

In addition to the NFPA 1670 courses, NFPA 1006 classes are available. These are general rescuer classes that cover both levels one and two. You can also sign your crew up for bucket truck and pole top rescue training courses to ensure that they become well-rounded professionals.

Do you have questions regarding workspaces and their classification as a confined space area? A training specialist should be able to answer any of these questions.