Rope Rescue

Rope Rescue

Rope Rescue Training is the foundation for all technical rescues where the patient is located at a different level or grade than rescuer access or different level or grade from transport to a medical facility.

OSHA Compliance

Texas Rope Rescue’s curriculum is compliant to the ever changing NFPA, MSHA, OSHA training and other standards. If the curriculum needs to be compliant to another standard (e.g. Cal-OSHA), Texas Rope Rescue will work with the company or individual to assure the standards are met in the rope rescue training.

Rope Rescue applications include:

  • Slope
  • High-angle
  • Low-angle
  • Confined Space
  • Industrial
  • Water
  • Cliff
  • Land
  • Towers
  • Agricultural Structures
  • Vessels
  • Silos
  • Off-shore structures
  • Drill Rig Rescue
  • On-shore structures
  • Dams








If you want to keep your employees safe, make sure they have taken the proper rescue and rope rescue classes required for your job. Our curriculum is compliant to NFPA, MSHA, and OSHA training standards, so you are guaranteed quality with our classes. Contact us today for a quote on our on-site rope rescue classes today.