Rescue From Heights Training

Rescue From Heights TrainingRescue From Heights Training

Rescue from Heights Training is primarily the need to rescue the patient from a drilling rig (on-shore or off-shore). By partaking in high angle rescue training, rescue crew will be able to successfully access, disentangle, extricate, package, and lower the patient. From utilizing the harness to learning how to place the patient in a basket, this rope rescue training class covers the movement of the patient from the initial call for help to delivering the patient to the back of an ambulance.

The rope rescue training course is simple. Those responsible for rescue from heights are usually not on their own designated team. They are members of the existing crew – which changes weekly. Instead of putting together a “team rescue”, we’ve formed a rescue from heights training group with those who have received the same training so they can pass the skills on to the next group of individuals. Rescue from heights and high angle rescue training is performed on location, but separate of one’s shift.

We recognize that “rescue” needs to be the furthest thing from a crew member’s mind – rough necking is dangerous and requires 100% of an individual’s attention. Day dreaming, thoughts of rescue, and “what-if” scenarios can create potentially hazardous situations. “Hope” should not be in the rescue action plan. Rescuing a patient from the monkey boards, the crown, or off the floor should be. You won’t always have the luxury of elevators or lifts.