Over the Wall / SkyGenie

Over the Wall

For industrial rescue classes like over the wall, Sky Genie, and Bosun chair training, Texas Rope Rescue has you covered. Our rope rescue classes cover many techniques and procedures needed for quick response in emergency situations.

Rope access is a generic term for any profession using rope or rope-to-rope operations that take place over the side of a building or structure utilizing anchor points. This profession includes window washers, sign installation, glazers, waterproofing. The use of Sky Genie, Bosun chairs, spyder lifts or staging is demonstrated in this hands-on industrial rescue class, through the proper setup of roof rigs, parapet anchors, roof anchors and the use of descenders.

Texas Rope Rescue provides a comprehensive over the wall, sky genie and Bosun chair training class that covers safe techniques required in Sky Genie and Bosun chair use in conjunction with inspection, safety, self-rescue skills and rigging. This rope rescue class is guaranteed ANSI I-14 and ISO 22846 compliant. Contact today for our on-site safety training classes.