Industrial Rescue

Industrial complexes harbor a wide variety of problems dealing with patient access and extrication including heights, restrictive or confined areas, and complex anchor needs.

Texas Rope Rescue provides industrial rescue training classes that are aimed at the unique needs required for an ERT member to effectively and efficiently perform a rescue at hazards present at most industrial sites.

Topics of industrial rescue training include, but not limited to, safety, PPE, anchors, hauls, rescue team concepts and communication, patient packaging, fall protection rescue and patient movement.

Industrial rescue topics may include:

  • fall arrest systems
  • LOTO procedures
  • rope rescue skills
  • anchors
  • belays
  • hauls
  • lowers
  • pick-offs
  • scaffold rescue
  • patient packaging
  • patient moving
  • medical response (with CE hours available)
  • team dynamics
  • team communications
  • incident command
  • harness emergencies

Employee safety should never be taken lightly. Make sure your team is well-prepared with the most up-to-date industrial rescue and rope rescue classes. Contact Texas Rope Rescue today to inquire about on-site rope rescue classes and industrial training today.

Industrial Rescue