Dam Inspection Stand-by and Dam Rescue Training

damn rescue trainingHaving to inspect the infrastructure of a dam can be dangerous due to

  • Unique construction
  • Difficult access
  • Inspectors non-competent in fall protection
  • Equipment needs

Texas Rope Rescue offers stand-by fall protection rescue services for the inspectors during their inspection process and also provide any rescue should the need arise. Texas Rope Rescue will work with the inspectors to plan the inspection process to insure all fall protection rescue needs are satisfied.

Dam Rescues present unique circumstances that everyday industrial and confined space sites do not. Due to their construction, less personnel on scene, and difficult access, the patient could easily be a great distance from EMS, which would require more patient movement and longer times providing hands-on life-saving skills.

Texas Rope Rescue offers modified OSHA compliant confined space training and dam safety training classes shaped to meet the specific needs that dam rescues require. This can include:

Dam Rescue/Stand-by

  • Identifying all hazards (e.g. industrial, confined spaces, difficult access)
  • Atmospheric monitoring equipment
  • Lockout Tagout
  • Duties and responsibilities of the Incident Command Structure
  • Rigging
  • Patient Packaging
  • Industrial First Aid
  • Hauls / Lowers
  • Patient Handling

Make sure your team is capable of handling emergency situations with dam safety training, confined space training, and other rope rescue classes from Texas Rope Rescue. We are available for on-site training classes. Contact us today for a quote.