Tower Rescue Training from Texas Rope Rescue

tower rescue trainingAll across America, hilltops, ridges and ranges are covered with telecom towers. Along with these towers, it seems like other towers are sprouting up across our fields of green and throughout our urban and suburban areas. Workers on these towers risk their lives every day to keep them running properly. Along with rigorous training to perform daily tasks on these towers, it is important for tower workers to go through tower rescue training.

Tower rescue training is incredibly important to keep the lives of many tower workers safe, day after day. Some people may think it is a hassle to go through the training as it can result in a day more of lost time. However, Texas Rope Rescue provides on-site tower rescue classes that can be performed in one day. One day is virtually nothing to ensure safety of the lives of you and your employees.

If you work on cellular, data, wifi, and other communication towers, you are going to want Texas Rope Rescue’s tower rescue training. Our training is also perfect for industries of tower construction, derricks, windmills, and much more. Tower rescue class topics include safety, grounding, conductors, insulators, tower access, EMF, patient access, rope rescue rigging and first aid. Contact us to inquire about our on-site rescue training classes today.