Technical Rescue Training

technical rescue trainingNFPA, the National Fire Protection Association, is an authoritative source for public safety provides standards to minimize the possibility and effects of risks. Texas Rope Rescue will work with the authorities to create a curriculum based on these regulations and requirements. At the same time, all classes are custom-built to suit the needs of the entity and build upon the individual skills set forth in the NFPA guidelines. We take pride in the quality of our technical rescue training programs and invite you to see the difference for yourself!

Benefits of Our Training Program

We take a unique approach when it comes to offering work place safety and emergency training. We believe that a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach is not the way to go and actually is a disservice to you and your team members. We instead take a customized approach and offer training that is built around your industry, your location, and your unique team.

Onsite training allows your employees to see exactly how they need to react and what they will have to deal with in the face of various emergency situations while at work. When they are better prepared, they feel more confident and will perform better in the face of a true emergency when it matters the most!

The Lasting Effect of On-Site Training

When you get on-site safety training that is tailored for you specifically, it last longer because it sticks in their minds and is reinforced every day when they see the areas that were discussed and walked through during the training. It is more powerful than a boring video and reading material so your team members are more likely to hang on to what they earned and use it.

Additionally, we have seen that our approach to training allows for a more diversified field of training which also leads to a more focused and memorable training experience — whether it is technical rescue training or disaster management training or something in between. Contact Texas Rope Rescue today to see what we can do for you!