Technical Rescue Training Courses from Texas Rope Rescue

technical rescue trainingConstruction workers, maintenance workers, technicians, and more need to adhere to certain safety guidelines in order to ensure the safety of themselves on others. Some of these industries require technical rescue training to minimize the likelihood of falling incidents and also increase the knowledge of what to do if an incident were to occur. For those new to industries that require this training, you may be asking, “What is technical rescue training?”

“Technical rescue” can refer to a number of techniques to saving lives or property, employing use of tools and skills that are usually reserved for firefighters, medical emergency personnel, and other rescue professionals. Types of technical rescue include rope rescue, confined space rescue, bucket truck rescue, high angle rescue, and much more. It is a requirement of these trainings to meet the standards of the National Fire Protection Association. The standards set in NFPA 1670 and 1006 must be met in order for the training to be valid.

Are you unsure how to receive proper technical rescue training? Texas Rope Rescue will work with your “authority having jurisdiction” and create a curriculum based on NFPA 1670. All of our classes are custom-built to fit your team’s needs and are built upon skill sets featured in NFPA 1006. Contact us to learn more about our on-site rescue training classes today.