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Welcome to the Texas Rope Rescue Blog

rope rescue trainingWelcome to the Texas Rope Rescue Blog. Texas Rope Rescue has provided on-site rescue classes nationwide since 2000. Many training classes available previously went over types of rescue training that many companies had no use for in their specific field. It is through our custom designed, on-site safety and rescue training that our clients are finally able to receive the training to fit their needs.

Our team takes pride in providing scenario-based training specifically designed for the needs of our clients. This includes rope rescue training, confined space training, pole top rescue training, and many more safety and rescue training classes. Evolution in search and rescue training with new technology, new equipment and techniques doesn’t mean that the training process has to be more complex. In fact, it is our belief to master the basics through a simple approach that everyone can pick up on. Other training teams make the search and rescue training so specialized and unique that the need for refresher training is a lot higher. We like to make the training simple and efficient so that in times of need you will be able to execute the rescue without even second-guessing what steps you need to take.

If you need on-site industrial rope rescue training or other safety and rescue training for your company, Texas Rope Rescue has the training classes for you. Visit TexasRopeRescue.com to request a quote on your training classes today. Make sure to mention our website to receive 10% off of your training.