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Onsite Bucket Truck Rescue Training

bucket truck safety trainingDo you work in bucket trucks and on pole tops as a lineman? Have you received proper OSHA training and bucket truck rescue training? Safety training is incredibly important. Having everyone on your team take the proper safety training for your line of work can make the difference of life or death in emergency situations. Even if you have had the training before, it may be time for a refresher.

People often drag their feet when it comes to training, because it might mean the loss of a work day or need to go offsite to take the training. With Texas Rope Rescue, our professionals can give you convenient, onsite safety training that you will never forget. We focus on mastering the basics and break our training down to simple steps that will be easy to remember in times of need. You never want to see yourself or someone else get injured on the job, but you should always be prepared for dire situations.

Texas Rope Rescue offers many different safety training classes for all types of work. If you would like to have one of our instructors come to your business to teach your team bucket truck safety training, or other OSHA training, contact us today. Visit TexasRopeRescue.com to receive a quote for our onsite training classes.