What Wilderness First Aid Training Covers

The wilderness is unpredictable; that’s part of why it’s so thrilling to explore. However, that unpredictability also makes the outdoors dangerous — and even deadly. When anything can happen, it’s easy to get hurt, and often people get hurt miles away from any medical attention. By taking wilderness first aid training, you can prepare yourself for injuries and emergencies outdoors, boosting your chances of ensuring everyone gets home safely.

Wilderness first aid courses are great for avid hikers and hunters, medical professionals, and everyone in between. This type of first aid focuses on preventing, assessing, and treating injuries and illnesses when medical aid is not readily available. Core topics include:

Scene Safety: In any emergency, the first step is to make sure the scene is safe. Before you can help anyone, you must make sure it’s safe to do so.

Patient Assessments: Wilderness first aid training teaches you how to conduct a general assessment of the patient’s condition. Primary surveys include checking the airway and breathing, circulation, and mental status.

Head, Spine, Thorax, Abdominal, and Extremity Injuries: These types of injuries can range from mild to life-threatening. You’ll learn in training how to make an assessment and how to proceed while outdoors.

Bone and Joint Injuries: Broken bones and sprained joints are common injuries in the wilderness. Find out how to handle these types of problems.

Soft Tissue Injuries: Soft tissue is incredibly vulnerable, and injuries to these areas can be difficult to diagnose. Take wilderness first aid training to learn what you can do to treat this damage.

Allergies: Some allergic reactions are merely annoying; others are deadly. Learn how to tell the difference and what you can do to help in remote environments.

Environmental Aspects: From sun poisoning to hypothermia, many environmental aspects pose serious risks to adventurers. Find out how to protect yourself and others.

Wildness First Aid Kits: What should every wilderness first aid kit include? Take a course to learn how you can prepare for emergencies outdoors.