Confined Space Rescue Training in IDLH Atmospheres

OSHA regulations require businesses to provide a means of rescue when sending employees into permit-required confined spaces – especially those designated as IDLH atmospheres. IDLH means “Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health.” Many employers may not know how to properly train their teams for completing a rescue operation under these conditions. That is where confined space rescue training from Texas Rope Rescue can come in handy.

What Qualifies as an IDLH Atmosphere?

When conditions are immediately dangerous to an entrant’s life or health and prevents them from exiting the confined space, this qualifies it as an IDLH atmosphere. Low oxygen levels or a high concentration of toxins in the air are both examples of conditions that would cause a space to be designated as IDLH.

IDLH Confined Space Rescues

Performing a rescue in an IDLH atmosphere is extremely demanding, even with proper confined space rescue training. Rescuers will need supplied-air respirators and any other PPE that is necessary. The reason that this type of rescue is so difficult is that the rescuers are subject to the same hazardous factors as the person they are rescuing. Because of this, ensuring that your teams are fully trained to perform under these conditions is paramount.

Getting the Proper Training for Your Teams

If you regularly send employees into IDLH confined spaces, you need to ensure that your team has gone through confined space rescue training. Texas Rope Rescue provides rescue training courses that are specifically designed to meet your needs. We will provide training based on your industry and the types of situations your employees may face on the job. Contact our team today to learn more about our confined space rescue training and any of our other training courses. We can ensure that your team is prepared for performing rescues in IDLH atmospheres.