confined space rescue training

Planning for a Confined Space Rescue

Sometimes, rescues need to take place in tiny spaces, where there isn’t a great deal of room for a rescue team or equipment. How to handle confined space rescue training is of crucial importance for everyone who works in emergency operations or in industries where such small spaces abound. Planning and training are the key elements in making these types of rescues successful.

For planning, evaluate the site and consider various scenarios. For instance, is there space enough to rescue the person with a team and equipment? If not, what are the best ways to extract the victim from the dangerous situation?

Another aspect of planning is time. How long will it take to respond and how long will it take to rescue the victim?

Then, take a look at your team. Do they need training or equipment to do the job? How do they communicate with the victim, rescuers, and the team leader?

Once, you’ have the planning done, now is the time for practice. Confined space rescue training shows your team exactly what to do and when. After training, continue practicing until it becomes second nature. This is essential for quick response in times of crisis.