line worker in a cherry picker

Line Workers Need Pole Top Rescue Training

OSHA requires that line workers be entirely familiar with the structure that they actively work with, but we believe that line workers should also have full pole top rescue training. While it’s impossible to prepare for all problematic scenarios that can surface while working the lines, the comprehensive training that Texas Rope Rescue provides is designed to cover all the most common scenarios that can happen on the job. It is deeply important that businesses that regularly work the lines have training that will help keep individuals safe.

Building the Perfect Rescue Plan

Once you establish the needs of your individual industry and workers, typically with the help of professionals, you can design rescue plans designed to keep your workers safe. From standard pole top rescue training to bucket truck rescue training, you should consider designing custom rescue plans. When you are considering the safety of your employees, no step should be overlooked, so consider getting help building plans such as the following:

  • Wooden Pole Top Rescue Training
  • Metal/Concrete Pole Top Rescue
  • Open-Web Rescue
  • Bucket Truck Ballot
  • Bucket Truck Rescue Training
  • Fall Pro Rescue
  • Transformer Confined Space Rescue Training

Contact Texas Rope Rescue to request a quote and get comprehensive pole top rescue training for your team.