High Angle Rescue Training From Texas Rope Rescue

high angle rescue trainingWorking with drill rigs can be hazardous for a number of reasons, so maintaining a safe work space is always an important task. One potential risk associated with drilling rigs is the height of rigs, and therefore how to safely help someone who may need it that is at an elevated height. For this reason, making sure your team has proper rescue from heights or high angle rescue training is essential to being prepared if this situation arises.

Typically, a high angle rescue situation requires being able to access, disentangle, extricate, package and lower a patient. With rescue from heights or high angle rescue training, your team can gain basic knowledge from the simple start of understanding harnesses to the more specific skill of getting a patient in a basket and to safety. You can trust that the well-rounded and step by step knowledge during training will ensure your team is ready if an emergency arises.

Since sacrificing a day of work to travel somewhere for training isn’t ideal, rescue from heights or high angle rescue training that comes to you can help you stay prepared while not sacrificing a lot of time. It will also get your team prepared for you site, which is where they will have to execute these skills if need be. For this kind of service, look to Texas Rope Rescue. We’ve been training personnel in the industry since 2000 in scenario-based training, not canned classes that aren’t appropriate for the types of rescues you may need to execute. Visit our TexasRopeRescue.com today for more information about our specialized training and to get a quote.