Dam Inspection Rescue Training

industrial rescue training

Dam inspections are ongoing and can vary from simple, daily visual inspections to formal inspections that require highly skilled and experienced engineers and technical staff. These inspections are pertinent to ensure the dam is performing well with no hazards to ensure the safety of all nearby. However, these more formal inspections of the dam’s infrastructure can be incredibly dangerous for a variety of reasons. Dams each have unique construction, they can be difficult to access, and there are very specific equipment and training needs.

Dam rescues can present some challenging circumstances that other industrial rescue training sites do not. Because of the way dams are constructed, the lack of personnel around, and the sometimes difficult access, patients could be a significant distance from EMS and therefore could be waiting longer for rescue or need more help from the trained rescuer. That’s why it’s essential to get proper damn safety training for personnel. Texas Rope Rescue offers modified OSHA compliant confined space training and industrial rescue training that serves specific needs damn rescues may require, including but not limited to:

  • Identifying all hazards (e.g. industrial, confined spaces, difficult access)
  • Atmospheric monitoring equipment
  • Lockout Tagout
  • Duties and responsibilities of the Incident Command Structure
  • Rigging
  • Patient Packaging
  • Industrial First Aid
  • Hauls / Lowers
  • Patient Handling

Make sure your team is capable of handling emergency situations with dam safety training, confined space training, and other rope rescue classes from Texas Rope Rescue. We are available for on-site training classes. Contact us today for a quote at TexasRopeRescue.com.