Bucket Truck Rescue

Testimonial – LCRA

July 7, 2016

John Green

Texas Rope Rescue



Before I retire I just want to let you know how much I appreciate working with you as our vendor to provide Fall Protection and Confined Space training to our Construction and Maintenance workers.  From the beginning you’ve been professional, yet flexible and very easy to work with, willing to accommodate our needs and policies.  I was especially impressed when you and your instructors developed a way to do both trainings on the same day so our workers only needed to attend one day of training instead of two.  You put our needs before your profit and I don’t know many companies who would do that.  Thank you.


All the feedback I’ve heard from the workers who’ve attended your trainings has been positive.  They enjoyed the class and thought they got good information and skills from it.  Our Safety Specialists who have monitored the trainings have been more than satisfied with the knowledge and ability of you and your instructors.  All around, your company has been impressive.  I’m glad I got the chance to work with you.


Good luck in the future.  I know you will be successful and help make the world a safer place.



Laurel Francel

Safety Program Specialist

Testimonial – Pole Top, Bucket Truck, Tower Rescue Training

‪Steve Dillon

‪Safety and Training Coordinator at Brazos Electric Power

‪John has been a great person to work with, regarding Pole top, Bucket Truck, and Tower Rescue, as well as Confined Space Rescue instruction and evaluation. John was a great contact for a first time Safety Coordinator; he’s very informed and up to date on compliance requirements and is very flexible in scheduling multiple events.

‪We use John because we have a relationship with him, and because he is dependable and knowledgeable. We appreciate John for making the safety of our employees, a priority of his.