3 Tips for Keeping Your Industrial Workforce Safe

Ensuring the safety of an industrial workforce is often easier said than done. Because of the perilous environments in which these individuals work, safety is seldom a certainty. However, while you may not be able to stamp out danger entirely, there are numerous steps you can take to make your workforce safer.

In the interest of preventing worksite accidents and reducing on-the-job injuries, don’t hesitate to put the following pointers into practice.

  1. Hire an Onsite Physician

Even if serious injuries are relatively rare on your jobsites, it’s in everyone’s best interest that an onsite physician be present. This will ensure that minor injuries are quickly treated and that major ones are given the proper attention in advance of an ambulance arriving. Furthermore, make sure this individual is equipped with all the supplies needed to treat a plethora of injuries.

  1. Require Them to Take Part in Industrial Rescue Training

When one of your workers finds him or herself in peril, it’s imperative that their peers be able to respond in a timely and helpful manner. With this in mind, require your employees to take part in comprehensive industrial rescue training, including pole top, rope, bucket truck and confined space training. Proper industrial rescue training will keep your employees safe in dire situations.

  1. Enact a Zero Tolerance Policy for Workers Who Refuse to Wear Safety Gear

Countless jobsite injuries can be prevented with the aid of hardhats, safety goggles, work gloves and other essential pieces of jobsite attire. That being the case, enacts a zero tolerance policy for workers who refuse to wear safety gear for arbitrary reasons.

This isn’t to say you should fire workers for not wearing the aforementioned gear, but no employee should be allowed on an active jobsite until the proper attire has been put on.

Active construction zones, dams and drilling sites are far from the safest work environments. Still, provided the proper precautions are taken, companies should be able to keep most of their employees out of harm’s way. To this end, hire an onsite physician, require your workers to undergo industrial rescue training and enact a zero tolerance policy for employees who refuse to dress with safety in mind. Contact us today for a quote on our on-site industrial rescue training classes.