3 Tips for Increasing Jobsite Safety

man wearing fall protection harnessAn industrial worksite can be a perilous place. Whether it’s an active construction zone, oil rig or dam site, working in such an area requires one to be extra vigilant with regard to personal safety. Unfortunately, workers who have never had an accident or go long periods without having them often lack the necessary degree of safety-consciousness.

In the interest of bringing your employees up to speed and increasing safety on your jobsites, put the following tips to good use.

  1. Have Heavy-Duty Equipment Regularly Inspected

Poorly-maintained and outdated equipment is among the most common causes of jobsite injuries. With this in mind, have your company’s heavy-duty construction vehicles and tools inspected and repaired on a consistent basis.

Additionally, while many construction vehicles are built to last, they’re not built to last indefinitely. This means you’ll need to replace vehicles as needed, regardless of whether or not you feel like spending the money.

  1. Industrial Rescue Training

Having your workers take part in a comprehensive industrial rescue training program will ensure that they know how to respond to a wide variety of potentially perilous situations. For best results, look for a training company that offers such services as bucket truck rescue training, open web rescue training and pole top rescue training.

  1. Mandatory Breaks

A tired worker is an inattentive worker — and as any longtime construction professional can confirm, an active jobsite is the last place one should be inattentive. To reduce the risk of fatigue-based accidents, require your workers to take several mid-length breaks per day, no matter how tight a deadline you’re working against.

While it’s true that every work environment has its share of potential dangers, industrial jobsites are in a league of their own. Each year, thousands of workers are seriously injured as a result of negligence and outright arrogance. Companies interested in reducing jobsite injuries would be wise to act on the previously discussed pointers posthaste. Texas Rope Rescue offers plenty of on-site rescue training classes, such as bucket truck rescue training, tower rescue training, confined space training, and much more. Contact us today to inquire about our safety training courses for your team.